Saturday, September 12, 2009

Scala, the java of the future

The tug-o-war of software development languages gets really confusing; it’s hard to decide what language would prevail and become the new standard in application development. Why is it important? Because we are application developers, and our relevance in the business landscape is linked to the tools we are skilled in operating.

I have heard Professor Martin Odersky say that Scala is the java of the future. Although I cannot vogue for such a promise, I can certainly say that Scala is the most compelling language I have encountered.

Scala has incorporated many ideas, new and old from the other existing languages. Scala functional and object oriented. It has cool stuff like traits (aka mixins) and Actors (erlang style threads) and advanced pattern matching. Most of all, Scala is expressive and esthetic. Clean and comprehensible code means easy and efficient maintenance, and that is important.

Scala runs over the JVM. Hence Scala can call upon java functionality and vice versa. Scala also has a .net support but that is not my scope at this time. According to professor Odersky, the overall performance is not hampered and the results are usually as fast as Java. Michael Galpin posted some figures about Scala performance on his blog here and Nick Wiedenbrueck compared Scala, Java and Groovy here.

Following are some interesting links I found for getting into Scala top down:




    Monday, September 7, 2009

    The NewsWay Reports

    This is the marketing leaflet for the product I am managing for ProImage which is a subsidiary of Agfa. ProImage specializes in pre press workflows with its leading product called NewsWay. The NewsWay Reports is an enterprise solution that complements the  production workflow and facilitates executive decision making.

    nwr b-front  

           nwr b-back

    • Production events analysis
    • Graphical data visualization
    • A production data warehouse

    NewsWay Reports provides easy and quick access and analysis of accumulated production data. This enables you to tune and optimize production for maximum performance, at minimum cost.

    This powerful browser-based report generation software provides the ability to compare planned schedules with actual job completion, track deadlines, evaluate plate consumption and track waste. It allows you to review file input and output time of each NewsWay workflow process, and log user times.

    This facilitates the rapid identification of production bottlenecks and enables you to make real-time adjustments to your production.

    NewsWay Reports integrates with any workflow. The reports generated are easily exported to PDF or Excel formats, making them accessible by other people within your organization. You can even automate the creation and distribution of status reports to the executive management for “first thing in the morning”.

    The production statistics are accessible from the NewsWay Reports viewer and via any 3rd party data visualization tool, providing you with the tools you need for in depth analysis of production.

    Make the right decisions with NewsWay Reports

    NewsWay Reports is a browser based application allowing easy and quick access to accumulated production data. The data is presented in a consistent, easy to read format, enabling statistical analysis to be performed effortlessly and facilitating better decision making.

    Additionally, its advanced querying capabilities enable in-depth analysis of production data, customized to your requirements.

    High Performance Backbone

    NewsWay Reports is anchored on a specialized Reports Data Processor. The Reports Data Processor gathers production information and performance details from the machines without hampering the production flow of events. The accumulated data is reshaped to fit into a data warehouse where the production information can later be queried with simplicity and efficiency, guaranteeing high performance response to queries.

    The vast amount of information gathered in such a data warehouse enables tracking of even the minutest of trends and bottlenecks.

    Comprehensive reports

    NewsWay Reports offers three suites of reports designed to meet your budget and needs. All suites include the NewsWay Reports Data Processor and NewsWay Reports Data Warehouse.

    NewsWay Basic Reports

    Ideal for many, this solution comes complete with a basic set of reports for output statistics and analysis, workflow throughput, and reporting on historical data.

    NewsWay Enterprise Reports

    NewsWay Enterprise Reports provides an extended suite of reports that additionally include reports for enterprise transmission and waste analysis.

    NewsWay First Class Reports

    This solution is fully customizable. It provides a tailored solution to meet the needs of the most demanding print production organization.

    Credits for the leaflet are to Izzet Edige (ProImage) and Richard Hall (Media Matters).

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