Sunday, January 18, 2009

The white rabbit: bugs and suggestions

current version : beta 0.2 (download)

this is what i have so far in terms of open bugs and suggestions:

unresolved bugs:
  1. project and task tree collapses whenever changed
  2. session time counter display: when changing back from monthly to session, the clock keeps showing the monthly accumulation

  1. "coast plus" configuration for the reports; suggested by Roy Reshef. have a configuration for adding a fixed overhead on the hour report, that would express the standard extra expenses. this is useful for freelancers that need to overload extra coasts on the hourly report. this might be implemented as a conversion to monitory terms as well.
  2. add a scheduler for tasks; suggested by Tomer Ben Arie. embed a scheduler into the project and task tree, that would allow time planning for implementation
  3. go large in enterprise mode; suggested by Ori Manor. enable networking and task legation from one user to another.
  4. oops mechanism, for backtracking in case i forget to stop the clock.
  5. floating task; enable time measurement without first determining the ownership. this is a nice feature when you are presented with a problem that you cant decide where to frame it until well into the task.
  6. task list view; a simple list like view where the user may thrown in "todo" tasks, and categorize them later.

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