Monday, March 25, 2013

Angular.js, a haven for the lazy developer

I've been acquainted with this framework in a JavaScript meetup I attended at the Google campus in Tel Aviv. 

The speaker, Shay Resnik was full of praise to this new infra that allows developers to be lazy and write so much less code. 

But as a supper lazy developer, I had to see for my self. So I did. and it does. The combination of RoR and Angular is especially nice because the code shrinks down to the essentials. 

I found a nice example for the workings of RoR and Angular, called angular_rails_demo on git and although it took a bit of working to actually get the app running on mac (nokogiri and rmagick are bitches) it is fantastically simple and easy to follow. 

After abandoning Adobe Flex in all my projects, I can finality say that there is something I like  in HTML and JavaScript.

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