Thursday, August 30, 2012


This morning (GMT+2) we have successfully launched the new Wikibrains site into public beta. This is the elation of the 2 week development sprint we made, implementing a long list of an even longer list of suggestions comments and responses we got from the private beta launch a month ago.

Developing a project like Wikibrains is not easy mainly because its not trivial to step out of ones skin and try to get a fresh look at things. To see whats really needed and what is the pure fantasy, irrelevant for others.
This is where the early adopters come in and have a major impact on the decision making for the products features.
We got truck loads of awesome suggestions and I am grateful and thankful to all the people who took the time to write to us.

Ongoing road map:

Migrate to HTML5/Java-script

As discussed in a previous post, we are abandoning the Flex/Flash solution for a light HTML5/JS solution. we will start with a lean editor that will be available along side the robust Flash editor and gradually improve it until we can completely replace the old one.

Socialization and Gamification

We will enable users to follow other users and their contributions to Wikibrains. Contribtors ratings and an assortment of badges.

Public, Group and Private domains

In order to make idea sharing and collaboration even more easy and intuitive we will implement 3 different scopes of privacy. The public domain, where unregistered users can add their associations to any idea. The group domain, were users can collaborate and create mind maps together and restring the editing of the mind map to the group members only. Finally, private mind maps, that are only visible to the creator.

Brain API's and widgets

We are intending on opening the access to the data sources via RESTful API's so any one who would like to use and take advantage of the abundance of semantic information will be able to. After all, the Wikibrains site implements only one approach on what can be accomplished with an associative learning machine. We will start by publishing a set of widgets that enable basic interactions with the graph and open source them so developers may use it for their own benefits.

Bugs will be addressed continuously.

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