Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wikisrains moves to Public Beta phase

Months of hard work have finally resulted in airing the WikiBrains machine learning engine.
Having people using it is so exiting, since as more of them do, the smarted it gets.

Although one would need to register to actually use the brainstorm GUI tool, its easy to see the daily increase in vocabulary and context just by going into the search page and checking out 'Apple' (just an example).

Each time a user lines up a couple of words, may they be of his own design or using existing connections from the suggestion list, the brain is enriched by a new synapse.

The wiki engine uses a graph database to store the words as objective points and the subjective links between them are what people have to say about those words.

We still have several usability issues with the GUI, perhaps too cumbersome one may argue. but despite some snags on the way, it works (which makes me really happy). No performance issues so far, and the user base is steadily growing.

Thumbs up for the Wikibrains team!


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