Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wikibrains new look

During the past few weeks we were all too busy with a series of changes we have implemented into the Wikibrains web application. This is the first step in migrating Wikibrains to Javascript and away from flash. This phase is almost complete and expected to debut in a week.

We have implemented a new look, simple and clean, thus emphasizing the actual data results over the design quirks. Here are a few examples I snatched up from the new application:

Accessing the graph information is now available in two primary formats. The Brain Browser format accesses the word nodes on the graph and allows free browsing through the associations that are defined by users.

Each graph result is accompanies by an acknowledgement to the contributors and a list of top mind maps that include the main topic of the search.

Browsing the graph data has a mind map view. This is a read only view of a particular mind map and for the time being, is not browsable by clicking on the nodes on the graph. Since a mind map is the result of a single contributor, we zoom in on the owner and the other things he had created in Wikibrains.

When clicking on a contributor link a public profile is presented with more details and achievements (in the form of badges) that are credited to the particular person.

In sight of our goal to encouraging participation in teaching us new words and word association, we reward badges accordingly.
We created a set of badges that symbolizes each trait we admire, if its a person that creates allot of mind maps, or someone that is responsible for a great deal of associations.

So there.
I am exited and eager to hear how our users will like and react to this change we are making.

Good luck to us all.

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